I am a Polecam owner/operator with 12 years experience

The Polecam is a revolutionary HD camera-jib system, that is easily portable ( 10 mins to assemble and take apart), and gives amazing production values.



This is a series of clips used in the CBC documentary series, Village On A Diet recently aired. The Polecam was used, with great success, in place of any jibs or cranes for the duration of the entire series.

A pic of the Polecam rig on “Village”

Check out the episodes online  …  http://www.cbc.ca/liverightnow/village/index.html

Few Extra clips…showing the versatility of the Polecam



This is a few Polecam clips from a Scraparts music video filmed recently with the Polecam in low light conditions… (courtesy Barbershop films and Scraparts music )



Here is a series of clips that I have shot with my own Polecam over the years. Some of the clips have been lifted from SD footage or dvds I could salvage, so quality varies. But you should get the idea…


Here are some recent clips from the Vancouver Winter Olympics with my new Toshiba HD camera (only available in dvd quality here). Note how the small footprint of the Polecam allowed me to get intimate shots of both coaches and athletes without disturbing the field of vision.


Some clips of a show pilot hosted by Peter Kent , Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double. Called ‘Stunt School’…