Behind the camera

I decided to include this page, because I believe a lot of who I am is connected to how I work and relate to others.

I see my 12 years or so that I worked for BBC and CNN International, based out of London, as my adult education.

Traveling all over the globe covering a myriad of assignments, I was shaken to my foundations. Many of my beliefs were challenged, and few were obliterated.

I am hesitant to say who I have become, as I continue to evolve daily.

Silhoutte of Peter and camera

I love the gift of life, and am honored to traverse a wide swathe of humanity, from presidents to paupers, experiencing and recording sections of their lives.

I feel I have experienced a taste of many life stories, vicariously through my camera lens.

In the end, I think we are all connected. I do believe that despite appearances, we as a species can move into a new era of hope.

But it will take an awakening spirit, and a collective effort.

Continually, I am amazed at the growing number of other kindred folk, that share this evolving perspective of a brighter future for all.  My favourite quote from Einstein is “You can never solve a problem using the same thinking that created it”. This seems very relevant to the global shift in consciousness, that is sorely needed  to work side by side with our recent technology boom.

In my way, using my craft and what I have learned, I hope to be instrumental in that shift. In this vein, I take on,shoot and edit, smaller projects such as the one below, to help promote others on this path.