I have enjoyed over 25 years  of broadcast television. Having had direct experience in a wide range of productions. Genres such as hard news and live coverage, documentary and docu-drama, advertising, sports, music, studio, travel, reality shows and series work.

  • A decade with CNN International, I covered most major breaking news events such as Sept 11th and Princess Diana’s death, as well as feature pieces with the likes of Christiane Amanpour.
  • I have shot in conflict areas as well as excelling in long form award winning feature shows such as Pinnacle Europe, Design 360, and Business Traveller — won a few camera awards personally.
  • I have done lighting, sound, and camera for numerous interviews with heads of state such as Gorbachev, Tony Blair, and George W. Bush as well as numerous celebrities.
  • I wrote and produced on CNN’s Inside Europe and traveled and negotiated my way into most of the worlds continents with extensive luggage in tow.
  • Reference letters will show that I get on well with people and it is shooting productions of human interest that I most enjoy.
  • I am comfortable behind a studio camera, in a helicopter, or shooting in the surf or under the water.
  • I am good at corporate production and shooting advertisements.
  • I can operate most video cameras and audio gear, as well as non linear editing using Final Cut Pro.
  • My lighting and set up speed is effective and to deadline.