Polecam at the Olympics

Peter Williams was responsible for shooting with the Polecam, on the Olympic 2010 Winter Games, covering Short track and Figure skating events.

He was using his Polecam HD rig, with a Toshiba IK-HD1 camera, which was seamlessly cutting into the state of the art pedestal HD cameras in the arena.

In the figure skating, the shot of the coaches giving last words to the competitors, as well as catching the coaches expressions during the performance was easily captured by the Polecam, without disturbing the delicate tension of the event.

In the speed skating, with the elbow in place on the Polecam arm, Peter was able to place the camera over the protective barrier, inches from the ice, as the speed skater hurtled past.

In both events the Polecam greatly added to production values of the coverage.



A funny thing happened to me in Sept 2010. I was on Kits beach early in the morning.  I was trying to solve a problem, and I was in deep contemplation. I actually asked for a sign….and then…. A whale surfaced 300 feet from me!!!  🙂

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